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whilst Nandita Haksar and her husband all started for their
once in a life-time cruise to the Antarctica it used to be to
escape from gruesome fact of the modern political scenario.
The cruise was once a visible banquet of beautiful scenes yet it
turned out to be additionally a discovery of the advanced geo-
political battles which were occurring for two
centuries within the frozen continent.

Haksar found that Antarctica is the positioning for
penguins, seals and whales however it is usually the location of
secret missions, territorial conflicts and rivalries
between explorers. She records how those territorial
claims are saved alive via creative methods such as
running a put up place of work, encouraging permanent
settlements and promoting of tourism.

What makes this booklet designated is that Haksar weaves into
her travelogue tales of exploration, scientific
investigations and the contentious claims over
territory with the heritage of India’s function in

The tales of the 1st Indians in Antarctica, the
setting up of Indian stations, Dakshin Gangotri,
Maitri and Bharati make this ebook appropriate for children
and adults. it really is well timed intervention within the debates
over the way forward for Antarctica and India’s position in
determining that future.

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